Imagine the warm shadows of sandy beige silk, the expressive brushstrokes of clean, deep hues of blue and green. Picture blowing drapes from salty ocean breezes; returning from an early beach run to see a different palette of colours waiting for you; and finally, the curvature of beautiful fabric folds like painter's flamboyant colour fields appear with all their lovely variations of light and dark and in between.


Hearken back to the nostalgic roots of elegant and playful resort pajama sets and picture yourself in a vintage movie from the 1930’s. So many feelings to reflect upon…..playfulness, motion, simplicity, solitude and comfort. 


Our premier collection is dedicated to all the women artists of the Abstract Expression movement from the 1940’s-1950’s for their pioneering spirit and for their fortitude.

Image Sergey Lomakin

Beauty Kate Stadnikova-Luzina

Style Valeria Pekarskaya

Model Jugend Models, Lian Serova

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